What does “website optimization” mean? Well, website optimization can mean many different things to many different companies! Even looking at various websites, you’ll see the way a company chooses to optimize their platform truly ranges depending on who they are, what they offer and how they like to run their business. In digital marketing terms, it means having the most effective website that appeals to your target audience. Specifically, this includes: SEO, keywords, content organization, aesthetics, loading speed, mobile-friendly, java script errors and a clear call-to-action.

With AR Computers, Inc. we use the term “Database Driven.” This means, every page, link, and section of your website will be a sales funnel that collects data and captures your target audience. So yes, here’s where we come in- we help structure websites based on the general optimizations a business needs, but we take it even further than that. A “Database Driven” website allows for data to be altered through a content management system, thus ensuring the website is always up to date. Database driven websites are much more effective than their static counterparts and, with less effort on the business owner’s part, they are sure to provide more room for online business growth.

So, now let us explain how we take website optimization to a whole new level: We focus on the tangibility of data.

  • Business Relevant Domain Name Registration: acquiring an appropriate domain name that is relevant to your business. We ensure that this name fits in with SEO guidelines and isn’t frivolous or unnecessarily long.
  • Easy to Manage Control Panel: The control panel is the where the entire contents of a database driven website can be altered. Here, the administrator of the website can update text, images, and other information on the website at their own leisure, without having to involve any programmers. With a control panel, users need not know any code or programming- they can simply interact with the easy-to-navigate systems, making their own changes to the site’s content at their own desired time.
  • User-Friendly Interface: One of the key principles of interface design is to keep the site user-friendly. At AR Computers, Inc., we design your site to make it as easy as possible for the user to navigate through the platform and reach all pages/functions with the minimal amount of clicks. Our user-friendly interfaces make websites more enticing for users to access frequently, ensuring that the website experiences a strong customer return rate.
  • Contact / Enquiry / Quote Forms: Contact forms are an essential part of any website. No matter what the purpose of the website is, there must be a contact form where interested users can reach out to the site administrators. Designing a simple form that gathers only the essential information is key to the success of contact forms, as requesting excess information will only hinder the communication process.  AR Computers, Inc. integrates sleek and formal contact forms into your site, which can also build inquiry and quote forms that are tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Let’s cut to the chase: businesses are tired of marketing companies creating content, but not leading their company to any tangible results! That’s why we create data driven content, design clear call-to-actions and strategize your website as a sales funnel to help you capture [and retain] new potential customers!

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